Design Inspirations 2017-2018

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Inspired by the colours of water - Take a glance at a selection of the most beautiful carpet designs suitable for any marine interior from quiet, calm suites and serene corridors to the liveliest public spaces.

Axminster woven

Custom made designs

Offering one-to-one service

Inspired by the colours of water

At Tarkett our designers are passionate about the innovation of new products and design trends.
With a wealth of experience in the Hospitality and Marine industry our design teams can create
the perfect flooring solutions for any interior from quiet, calm suites and serene corridors to the
liveliest  public spaces. In the marine industry Tarkett works with the best interior designers on
the most prestigious projects. These close working relationships help Tarkett’s design teams
keep right up to date with industry trends. By offering a personal one-to-one service to interior
designers and architects we provide accurate support to ensure artwork and samples are
delivered to the highest standards. For this Axminster Design Inspiration 2017-2018 booklet
maritime environments from all over the world have been the source of inspiration for our
designers. Waters are never the same and they change constantly from heavy waves to
serene and spotless water mirrors.

For more information about our DESSO® Axminster carpet, please visit or contact your Desso Marine Sales Department:

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