Public area carpet on cruise ship

Public area

Custom made designs that will ensure the ship leaves a great impression. 

A ship's public area should leave a lasting impression on your passengers. It should also be durable to ensure it can maintain its high quality appearance with great amounts of people passing through. Axminster carpets are of high quality and can be made in any custom design of your preference. Our Design team can help in developing a great-looking carpet that matches with your overall interior. Printed Gravure carpet is a more affordable option that can be made in your preferred design as well. if you like a standard, off-the-shelf option, than Airmaster works well and keeps the air clean even with many people moving through the area. And when a public area is used for passengers moving on and off the ship with high traffic numbers, than the vinyl offerings of IQ Granit or Contract Plus are recommended.

Axminster carpet for ships
Luxurious woven carpet with endless design possibilities. Used for its beauty, capability of rendering complex, crispy clear patterns and long term durability.
DESSO Axminster in-Stock
We are proud to introduce the luxurious DESSO® Axminster in-Stock collection. This premium quality Axminster carpet is available directly from stock in four intriguing patterns and colour combinations. Perfect for interior design projects that run on a tight schedule.
DESSO Torso Marine
Tarkett is proud to present DESSO® Torso Marine, a comfortable and durable carpet tile collection, certified for use in cabins, crew areas, conference rooms, offices and wheelhouses on board any kind of passenger vessel, cargo carrier or offshore structure.
IQ Granit Vinyl Tarkett
iQ Granit is the ideal choice when performance and design matter, making it perfect for reception areas, corridors and zones where durability and a wide range of colours for endless creativity are key.