With this trend comes an endless imagination!

11 June 2014

Staying on top of the latest trends is what drives us to create stunning carpet designs that fit in the most luxurious marine interiors worldwide. We keep looking for innovative designs to go one step further and our newest carpet collection “Never a Dull Moment” is just another example of this. 

After years of an economic recession, an entire generation wants to break free. This has resulted in a new trend, in which people nowadays strongly feels the responsibility for their own happiness and have the need to decorate their lives! This trend has been a great inspiration for Desso Designer, Jonathan Currel, to create an entire new carpet collection. Curious which trends inspired our Desso Designers, visit our Pinterest now!

With this trend comes an endless imagination, in which we can perfectly express ourselves by throwing parties. These parties aren’t just simple Friday afternoon drinks, but  they are well prepared events with lots of do it yourself decorations. The experience of having fun together has become the new design goal. This trend has resulted in fun carpet designs that create endless moments to share together. The powerful color palette, that comes with “Never a Dull Moment”, lets us create a carpet collection that will turn any space into a positive and fun area. Check out the entire collection and carpet designs on our online design library.

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