New carpet collection: Time Creates

Anno 2014 lots of design trends are primarily eco-driven, mainly because overconsumption is on its way back.

Desso Unveils its newest trending carpet collection: Time Creates

21 August 2014

Anno 2014 lots of design trends are primarily eco-driven, mainly because overconsumption is on its way back. People and organizations are realizing that the planet can’t survive if we keep producing and consume unsustainable products. Luckily this isn’t just a trend but a philosophy, Desso adapted the Cradle to Cradle philosophy already in 2008, which is inspired by natures continuous cycle. Now an increasing number of companies are following this philosophy, in which products are made to be re-used again in a circular fashion. This replaces the short time focus by a longtime ecofriendly strategy, which inspires to become more eco-conscious, letting us look for new and exciting ways to connect with nature.

We see that designers and architects meet this demand by developing both products and services that enable consumers to experience the outdoors in a truly unique and one-of-a-kind way. We see botanical architecture that is aesthetically striking and ecologically responsible, designers are incorporating floral motifs or living ecosystems within their latest creations. Part of this trend is also the movement that consumers want to make their own gardens and grow their own foods, regardless of their living situation. We see vegetable gardens on rooftops and herbs being grown in front of apartment windows.  Which is all about letting us reconnect with nature. 
The botanical architecture trend and “grow your own food movement” has been an inspiration for Desso Designer Sheena Bennet to create a carpet collection which is entirely garden-infused. See how flowers, plants, roots and vegetables, created over time, become great carpet designs that will change any interior into an eco (urban) environment. Curious what inspires our designers? Click here and visit our Pinterest page and see how the latest trends inspire our designers to create stunning carpet designs.

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