marine carpet to offshore Chevalier Floatels

Desso marine carpet to offshore accomodation Chevalier Floatels

Chevalier Floatels unique expertise is in developing new concepts for floating accommodations

7 August 2014

Chevalier Floatels unique expertise is in developing new concepts for floating accommodations. Lean management, combined with innovative design and building techniques, is characteristic of Chevalier Floatels. Chevalier Floatels has now chosen to supply its two new DP offshore support vessels DP GEZINA and DP GALYNA, with  luxurious custom made Axminster woven carpet from Desso, to provide the technicians a  comfortable offshore accommodation These two state-of-the-art onsite accommodation support maintenance and installation projects for the offshore wind, oil and gas industry. The DP GEZINA and DP GALYNA are an 'all-in-one solution' being able to transport staff, tools and equipment to and from working locations, whilst at the same time provide the technicians a restful stay.

Home away from home feeling with Desso Marine Carpet
To make the technicians feel at home the interior of the DP GEZINA is designed to maximize the onboard comfort. To enhance this ‘home away from home feeling’ the new vessel is equipped with carpet from Desso. Carpet in general provides a more luxurious look and feel compared to hard flooring, especially in smaller spaces such as in cabins, therefore Chevalier Floatels choose for carpet in most of the areas on board. “Besides that carpet also improves the acoustics on board,”  says Hans de Nieuwe Marketing and Sales Manager Chevalier Floatels, “ this improves the technicians health, for example more silence helps with a good night’s sleep. Carpet is also lighter than hard flooring and surprising to some, but carpet also provides easy maintenance making carpet a smart and cost efficient flooring solution”. “On top of that the carpets from Desso are especially manufactured for use in the Marine industry and are approved according to IMO, MED and NORSOK*, making them a perfect fit for offshore accommodations and vessels as the DP GEZINA”, says Jorrit van Ommen, sales manager Desso. “Our Marine Carpets are made according to the highest standards in the industry and meet all the rules and regulations of the industry”.

Soft carpet flooring solution for more comfort
Desso provides a complete range of Marine product to fulfil any on board interior need. Chevalier Floatels has chosen for the high quality Axminster carpet, to equip the DP GEZINA with a soft flooring solution. Axminster was a good choice for DP GEZINA, because it has no design limitations and can be made in almost any color, making the carpet fit perfectly in the interior.  The entire interior was designed by Egbert Ketelaar. When designing the DP GEZINA interior it was important to keep in mind that the technicians could really feel at home.
Egbert Ketelaar elaborates on the designing process of the DP GEZINA: “I find it intriguing that such a large company as Desso is so flexible in designing a carpet and supporting with such a special project. The carpet samples provided gave a good impression in what the final carpet design would look like. These sample could also be integrated into a 3D sketch to help me show the customer the visualized end result. The floor is pretty much the basics for any interior and in this particular case the floor design worked very well. The chosen colors from all the different materials completed each other to make it a whole. Without the carpet the design would be less complete. All together I would say that the partnership with Desso worked out very well within this extraordinary project”.

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* In compliance with the international Convention for the Safety of Life at sea (SOLAS) for use on ships and offshore installation. Specified standard: IMO Res. MSC. 307 (88) - (FTP Code), Annex 1, Part 2. 
Material not to be capable of producing excessive quantities of smoke & toxic products or not to give rise to toxic hazards at elevated temperatures.
Specified standard: IMO Res. MSC. 307 (88) - (FTP Code), Annex 1, Part 5.
Surface materials and primary deck coverings having a surface with low flame-spread characteristics and to be not readily ignitable.