Acta Orion Offshore Support Vessel

Offshore Support vessel Acta Orion

Windfarm offshore support vessel with Airmaster carpet that clears the air in cabins.

  • Windfarm Offshore Support Vessel
  • Owner: Acta Marine
  • Shipyard: Centraal Industry Group (CIG)
  • Interior Architect: Helen Patterson Design
  • Interieur builder: Helmers
  • Carpet: Airmaster Clean Air Cabin Carpet
  • Delivery: 2015

The Acta Orion is a DP2 Wind Farm Offshore Support Vessel. It is 108 meter long and 16 meters wide. The Acta Orion offers comfortabel accommodation and working spaces for 80 crew members. The ship is being used for the build and maintenance of windmill parcs on sea and is owned by Acta Marine.

Interior designer Helen Patterson together with interior builder Helmers have paid special attention to ensure a high level of comfort for the crew on board of the vessel. They have therefore chosen for Airmaster carpet that ensures the air in the cabins is kept clean.

Acta Orion Crew AreaActa Orion Meeting SpaceAirmaster Marine Carpet Acta Orion

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