Desso supplies HAL with carpet

Perfect styling enhancing the customer experience

MS Koningsdam Holland America Line’s first pinnacle class cruise ship has just been delivered by her builder Ficantieri on March 31, 2016. MS Koningsdam is by far the largest ship ever to be constructed for HAL. Desso, a Tarkett company, is proud to have equipped this majestic ship with its custom designed Axminster carpet.

A seamlessly fit

All public spaces on this ship have custom designed carpet accentuating the designer’s vision for this cruise ship.  To bring this new ship to life Holland America Line commissioned two legendary partners, change-maker Adam D. Tihany, regarded as one of the world’s pre-eminent hospitality designers and designer and architect Bjørn Storbraaten, the force behind ms Nieuw Amsterdam and ms Eurodam. In line with their design vision, Desso has manufactured all carpets woven to plan, to ensure they seamlessly fit within each area on board.

The design cues for Koningsdam? Light-filled spaces. Fluid curves. All woven together in a forward-thinking design approach to create an interior that blends a fresh, contemporary styling in perfect harmony with Holland America Line’s renowned classic elegance.

Flooring plays an important part

Tihany – a leader in creating luxurious and creative interiors – has approached Koningsdam with an eye toward creating public spaces that reflect the tradition and signature elegance for which Holland America Line is known, while elevating the design to strike a more modern balance of past, present and future. “The idea was to tell a story that guests can connect with throughout their voyage,” said Tihany. Key to his concept is utilizing visual interaction, where guests actively engage with the architecture rather than passively moving through it. The flooring plays an important part in this.

“It’s been fascinating to work on ms Koningsdam where we are introducing design elements never before seen on Holland America Line,” said Storbraaten. “We were tasked with evolving the look and feel of the ship while keeping it true to the brand, making this an exciting and rewarding project.” Storbraaten’s hand is clearly present in the design on board. For example Storbraaten designed the exotic look of Tamarind, the line’s Pan-Asian restaurant that emphasizes nature’s basic elements: water, wood, fire and earth. The carpet, designed with assistance from Desso’s in house design team, also reflects these elements with earth tones and colorful Asian accents. 

Enhanced experience

Across the ship, Tihany and Storbraaten have worked together to make Koningsdam an evolution of the Holland America Line brand. The sense of visual interaction—engaging with the architecture actively, rather than passively, as an observer—is key to what Tihany has brought to Koningsdam. “We want guests to be inspired, to be amazed,” says Stein Kruse, Chief Executive Officer, Holland America Group. “A great vacation transports you on many levels and the way you move through a space or your experience as you enter a room—all of it matters.” The custom made Axminster carpet enhances the experience that the designers envisioned when designing the cruise ship interior.    

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