Marine products


Axminster carpet for ships
Luxurious woven carpet with endless design possibilities. Used for its beauty, capability of rendering complex, crispy clear patterns and long term durability.
Desso Airmaster for cabins on board
AirMaster® the carpet that clears the air in cabins. With DESSO AirMaster®, the concentration of fine dust particles in the air is as much as eight times lower than with other floors
Printed carpet used on ships
A carpet on which you can print any kind of custom design you desire. With the endless colour range and unlimited possibilities, you can let your imagination take the lead.
Flux Broadloom Carpet
The beauty of Flux is its ability to link together all elements of a room with its combination of matt and shiny yarns, which are combined in a linear pattern.


IQ Granit Vinyl Tarkett
iQ Granit is the ideal choice when performance and design matter, making it perfect for reception areas, corridors and zones where durability and a wide range of colours for endless creativity are key.
Granit Multisafe for Wet Floors Tarkett
Granit Multisafe is the ideal choice for wet areas, designed for better safety underfoot. The construction provides a good grip for feet even when the floor is slippery with soap and water. It is classified as abrasion group T, and slip resistance C.