Desso Marine Carpets

Cabin carpet tiles

A revolutionary new product has been launched with Torso 4C’s: Cradle to Cradle® Cabin Carpet. With Torso 4C’s, Desso provides the market with carpet tiles for ships for the first time. On top of that, it is a completely Cradle to Cradle® designed product; the first in the marine industry. For more information on Desso and Cradle to Cradle®, please visit the specific section on our corporate website.

Torso 4C’s is a luxurious but durable cut pile carpet tile, IMO certified and available in a range of exciting shades to create the right atmosphere in every cabin. Torso is luxurious but practical, tough yet tactile. Have a look at our product catalogue for more information and images.

Although Torso 4C's is a stand alone product for now, Desso Marine will be adding new products to the 4C's product line of Cradle to Cradle® Cabin Carpet tiles in the fall of 2012.




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